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The Centre is structured around four exhibition floors which, in turn, are divided into different rooms that show, from a historical point of view, aspects which have marked the time, space and life of the city of Zaragoza.

The visit begins in the basement, which is the former crypt of the church of San Agustín, with the Time Navigator and an audiovisual presentation explaining the time concept.

After this, visitors take the lift or walk up the main stairs to the second floor to visit the following rooms: The City of Water: the Ebro, Gállego and Huerva rivers and the Imperial Canal of Aragón as active agents in the development of Zaragoza; The City of Roads, showing the origins of the city´s privileged location; The City of Markets, a chance to discover how the city received and distributed supplies and provisions; and The City of Governments, devoted to the historical development of the city´s governments.

Going down to the first floor, the visit continues with the rest of the rooms: The City of Monuments, showing the buildings and monuments that the city boasts; The City of Knowledge, presenting the breakthroughs and advances in the fields of science, art and research that have occurred in Zaragoza throughout the centuries; The City of Celebrations, a space showing the traditional festivities that have their origins in the past and which take place in Zaragoza: The City of People, a space which symbolises the meeting point between the city and its citizens.

Finally, on the first floor the City Mirador or Vantage Point, offers a particularly interesting historical view of Zaragoza´s urban development with models and audiovisual films.