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Water, Cultural Diversity, and Global Environmental Change. Emerging Trends, Sustainable Futures?
  • Water, Cultural Diversity, and Global Environmental Change. Emerging Trends, Sustainable Futures?
  • UNESCO Office in Jakarta, UNESCO-International Hydrological Programme (IHP). December 2012
  • This book tries to respond to a series of core questions, including among others: What are the roles that water plays in sustaining diverse forms of human sociocultural life? What roles do diverse human societies and cultures play in valuing, managing, preserving and using water and its associated ecosystems? What are the consequences of these resource relations in sustaining, or undermining the means to sustain, the viability of human communities and their environments? The traditional knowledge, stewardship and management systems, and technologies developed...[Read full description]
  • Geographical coverage (region): Africa, Asia, Global, Latin America and the Caribbean, Northern America
  • Main themes: Biodiversity, Climate change, Culture, Dams, Ecosystems, Environment, Gender, Groundwater, Health, Human right to water and sanitation, Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), Perceptions, Traditional knowledge, Urban areas, Vulnerable groups, Water cooperation, Water governance, Water management, Water scarcity

Fresh Water for the future. A synopsis of UNEP activities in water
  • Fresh Water for the future. A synopsis of UNEP activities in water
  • United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). June 2012
  • This booklet presents UNEP's comparative advantages and its catalytic role in influencing other partners and UN agencies in meeting global water challenges. It highlights a few of the organisation's achievements and success stories over time as well as contemporary water challenges for further considerations along with partners as part of the international agenda. The cases presented illustrate UNEP's work at the global, regional, national, catchment and sub-catchment levels. Themes covered include water quality, restoring ecosystems, coping with climate chan...[Read full description]
  • Geographical coverage (region): Africa, Asia, Europe, Global, Latin America and the Caribbean, Oceania
  • Main themes: Biodiversity, Climate change, Disaster prevention, Ecosystem services, Financing, Green economy, Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), Millennium Development Goals (MDG), Pollution, Sustainable development, Transboundary waters, Water governance, Water management, Watersheds

Africa Water Atlas
  • Africa Water Atlas
  • United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). November 2010
  • This Atlas is a visual account of Africa's endowment and use of water resources, revealed through 224 maps and 104 satellite images as well as some 500 graphics and hundreds of photos. It gathers information about water in Africa and its role in the economy and development, health, food security, transboundary cooperation, capacity building and environmental change. The Atlas starts with a special feature that focuses on the often two-sided nature of water issues in Africa: surplus and scarcity, under-developed and overexploited and challenges and opportuniti...[Read full description]
  • Geographical coverage (region): Africa
  • Main themes: Agriculture, Climate change, Dams, Drinking water, Energy, Environment, Food security, Gender, Groundwater, Land degradation, Millennium Development Goals (MDG), Pollution, River Basin Management, Rural areas, Sanitation, State of water resources, Transboundary waters, Urban areas, Water allocation, Water availability, Water balance, Water demand, Water governance, Water quality, Water scarcity, Water supply, Watersheds, Wetlands

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