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Policy guidance on water-related disease surveillance
  • Policy guidance on water-related disease surveillance
  • World Health Organization (WHO). June 2011
  • This document contains guidance on the policy related to water-related disease surveillance developed by the Task Force on Water-related Disease Surveillance established under the Protocol on Water and Health to the 1992 Convention on Protection and Use of Transboundary Waters and International Lakes. It was adopted by the Meeting of the Parties during their second session (in Bucharest, Romania, in November 2010). The guidance explains countries' legal obligations related to disease surveillance under the Protocol and other international frameworks, and give...[Read full description]
  • Geographical coverage (region): Europe
  • Main themes: Disease, Drinking water, Health, Legal aspects, Monitoring, Pollution, Transboundary waters, Water treatment

Radiotracer applications in wastewater treatment plants
  • Radiotracer applications in wastewater treatment plants
  • International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). June 2011
  • Tracer techniques are very useful tools to investigate the efficiency of purification in wastewater treatment plants. This publication was prepared using the inputs from a meeting of experts held in June 2007 and lecture materials prepared for various IAEA regional training courses. It is intended to assist radiotracer groups in Member States to promote and apply radiotracer technology for better serving the environmental sector.
  • Geographical coverage (region): Global
  • Main themes: Technology, Wastewater, Water treatment

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