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Prototype Global Sustainable Development Report

Prototype Global Sustainable Development Report
  • United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA). July 2014
  • The present prototype global sustainable development report is the result of a collaborative effort of more than two thousand scientists and 50 staff from 20 UN entities from all world regions. The report illustrates a range of potential content and discusses potential overall directions for the Global Sustainable Development Report. The report maps sustainable development assessments and related processes, and identifies key remaining challenges to eliminate poverty and hunger; to feed, nurture, house, educate and employ the global population; to ensure peace, security and freedom; and to preserve the Earth's basic life support systems. Chapter 6 focuses on the special theme 'the climate-land-energy-water-development nexus' with integrated assessments of the interlinked issues.
  • Geographical coverage: Global, Burkina Faso, Mauritius, Qatar, Thailand
  • Main themes: Climate change, Economic impact, Education, Energy, Investments, Land management, Livestock, Monitoring, Post-2015 agenda, Poverty, Scenarios, Sustainable development, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Technology
  • Main target audience: All audiences, Governments, International organizations
  • Main purpose: Assessment, Reporting on project findings/outputs
  • Type of resource: Assessment report
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Published in 2015