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(A) Safe Space For Humanity: The Nexus of Food, Water, Energy and Climate

(A) Safe Space For Humanity: The Nexus of Food, Water, Energy and Climate
  • Asian Development Bank (ADB). February 2014
  • "This policy brief focuses on five global transitions first, the "urban population transition;" second, the" nutrition transition;" third, the "climate transition;" fourth, the "energy transition;"and, fifth, the "agricultural transition." It focuses on the most salient problems arising from these global transitions that can be ameliorated by specific policy instruments in the short term and discusses the global consequences of these five transitions through the effects on the nexus of food, water, energy and climate, concluding with a section entitled 'the way forward' "
  • Geographical coverage: Global
  • Main themes: Agriculture, Climate change, Energy, Environment, Food security, Sustainable development, Urban areas, Water security
  • Main target audience: Policy makers
  • Main purpose: Assessment, Impact evaluation, Stimulate debate
  • Type of resource: Assessment report, Policy briefing
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Published in 2015