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We can't wait: A report on sanitation and hygiene for women and girls

We can't wait: A report on sanitation and hygiene for women and girls
  • Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC). November 2013
  • This report highlights the stark consequences for women and girls of the lack of access to toilets and use of good hygiene practices. The report presents information using infographics and visual representation, that makes it applicable to educational forums as well as creating awareness of the impacts on women of poor sanitation across the world. It calls for a concerted effort on a different scale from all levels of government, business and civil society through 5 Chapters: Chapter 1 'The Global Sanitation Crisis and Why we can't wait'; Chapter 2 'Why poor sanitation is a women's issue'; Chapter 3 'Girls, sanitation and education Toilets spell success'; Chapter 4 'Menstrual hygiene issues'; and Chapter 5 'A crisis far too big to solve alone' which leads to conclusions and recommendations.
  • Main themes: Awareness raising, Behaviour change, Education, Environment, Equity, Gender, Health, Hygiene, Open defecation, Public-private partnerships (PPP), Sanitation, Water services
  • Main target audience: All audiences, Civil society, General public, Governments, International organizations, Local communities, Private sector
  • Main purpose: Advocacy, Assessment, Awareness raising, Impact evaluation
  • Type of resource: Assessment report, Facts and figures, Recommendations
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Published in 2015