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From Toilets to Rivers: Experiences, New Opportunities, and Innovative Solutions

From Toilets to Rivers: Experiences, New Opportunities, and Innovative Solutions
  • Asian Development Bank (ADB). March 2014
  • This publication showcases a compilation of project briefs culled from case studies of good practices, new approaches, and working models on sanitation and wastewater management from different countries in Asia and the Pacific. This compilation of good practices and working models intends to show that sustainable sanitation is possible, and aims to inspire replication, institutionalization of sanitation both in policy and practice, and scaling up of investments. Cases analyzed demonstrate solution options from which useful lessons can be derived and are presented under the following headings: (1) Improved On-Site Sanitation: A Business Case; (2) Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems for Public Markets and Peri-Urban Areas; (3) Constructed Wetlands with Reuse Applications. (4) Low-cost Sewerage Systems; (5) Applying Innovative and Multidimensional Approaches; (6) Wastewater as a Strategic Part of Economic Development; (7) Rethinking Financing Options; (8) Public-Private Partnerships: Driving Innovations; (9) Protecting Water Resources and Coasts; (10) Creating Synergies for Energy and Nutrient Recovery; (11) Wastewater and Septage Treatment and Reuse for Agriculture; (12) Wastewater Treatment and Aquaculture; (13) Wastewater Treatment for Sustainable Tourism and Recreation; (14) Environmental Sanitation and Good Governance. Given the more complex water resource and health challenges in many parts of the world, it is time to engage in a rational analysis of all possible management strategies, learn from others' experiences, apply innovative approaches, and tap potential markets.
  • Main themes: Agriculture, Aquaculture, Awareness raising, Behaviour change, Coastal zones, Community participation, Energy, Financing, Groundwater, Human rights, Hygiene, Pollution, Public-private partnerships (PPP), Recycling, Rural areas, Sanitation, Slums, Technology, Tourism, Wastewater, Water treatment
  • Main target audience: Decision makers, Policy makers, Service providers
  • Main purpose: Advocacy, Assessment, Awareness raising, Reporting on project findings/outputs
  • Type of resource: Assessment report, Case studies, Good practices, Impact study, Indicators, Lessons learned, Recommendations
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Published in 2015