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Arab Region: Atlas of Our Changing Environment

Arab Region: Atlas of Our Changing Environment
  • United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). December 2013
  • This Atlas examines the environmental change that has taken place at more than 80 locations across the Arab region, using a combination of on-the-ground photographs, current and historical satellite images, with a narrative based on extensive scientific evidence. The progress each country is making towards achieving environmental sustainability as part of the Millennium Goals is also described and visually portrayed. The Atlas images serve to highlight the distinctive environmental circumstances and challenges faced in the Arab region, from limited freshwater resources, rapid urbanization, depletion of natural resources, and the vulnerability of many Arab settlements to environmental risks and natural disasters. For example, water scarcity is a key environmental issue in 19 of the 22 countries. Desertification and land degradation afflicts 17 of the countries, placing limited arable lands at further risk. Biodiversity is declining due to habitat degradation and loss. Additionally, the Arab region is subject to a variety of natural hazards-the arid to hyper-arid climate lends itself to frequent drought, which is the region's most-pressing natural hazard. The Atlas brings to light stories of these environmental changes through images showing visual evidence of changes taking place in the land, water and atmosphere, and covering trans-boundary issues like river basins, transboundary conservation areas and pollutants. It also illustrates how humans have positively or negatively altered their surroundings and continue to make observable and measurable changes to the Arab region and its environment.
  • Main themes: Arid zones, Biodiversity, Climate change, Conflicts, Desalination, Deserts, Ecosystems, Groundwater, Land degradation, Millennium Development Goals (MDG), Monitoring, Pollution, State of water resources, Transboundary waters, Urban areas, Water quality
  • Main target audience: Academia, All audiences, Educators, Environmental practitioners, Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Policy makers, Private sector, Researchers
  • Main purpose: Assessment, Awareness raising, Reporting on project findings/outputs
  • Type of resource: Atlas
  • Download file (193.4 MB)
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Published in 2015