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Sanitation and externalities: evidence from early childhood health in rural India

Sanitation and externalities: evidence from early childhood health in rural India
  • World Bank. January 2014
  • This paper investigates the existence and size of benefits from access to sanitation on child health in rural India. It estimates two sources of benefits: a direct benefit a household receives when moving from open to fixed-point defecation or from unimproved sanitation to improved sanitation, and an external benefit (externality) produced by the neighbourhood's access to sanitation infrastructure. The paper is organized as follows: Section 1 introduces the study; Section 2 presents the motivation for trying to understand the source of benefits of sanitation; Section 3 reviews the literature on household sanitation and its relation to children's health and welfare; Section 4 describes a theoretical model to understand the direct and external benefit of sanitation, while the empirical implementation is discussed in Section 5; Section 6 describes the data used for this paper. It then presents the empirical results in Section 7, which are analysed in Section 8 through a series of robustness checks. Finally, Section 9 concludes with a discussion of the implications of these results for sanitation policy.
  • Geographical coverage: Asia
  • Main themes: Behaviour change, Children, Health, Hygiene, Open defecation, Rural areas, Sanitation
  • Main target audience: Academia, Statistical community
  • Main purpose: Assessment, Impact evaluation, Reporting on project findings/outputs
  • Type of resource: Case studies, Impact study, Recommendations, Working paper
  • Download file (518 KB)
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Published in 2015