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Planning of water quality monitoring systems

Planning of water quality monitoring systems
  • World Meteorological Organization (WMO). 2013
  • This Technical Report has been developed in an effort to provide basic know-how and the materials needed to plan, establish and operate water-quality monitoring systems on national levels but also with a view to improving access to water-quality data and information in transboundary basins and globally. It is largely intended for use by water-agency managers whose dominant technical background is in hydrology, meteorology, engineering or water-resources management, rather than water quality, but who are responsible for the effective monitoring of developments and trends in the state of inland waters. The report is intended to guide them through the process of setting up monitoring programmes for the purpose of providing a valid database for water-quality assessments. The main emphasis is on the strategies and objectives of the programme and general criteria for the design of the monitoring network. Also described are the kinds of variables needed when water quality is to be monitored for different purposes (such as agriculture/irrigation, drinking-water sources, industrial water demand, livestock needs, etc.). Guidance on the selection of main monitoring methods and techniques for the different variables is then provided. This is followed by the definition of the resources required for the monitoring programme. Finally, the essential operational issues of quality assurance and data handling, leading to the reporting and dissemination of results and findings, are also covered.
  • Geographical coverage: Global
  • Main themes: Agriculture, Disaster prevention, Drinking water, Hydrology, Information and data, Monitoring, Pollution, Water quality
  • Main target audience: Basin auhorities, International community, Water managers
  • Main purpose: Advocacy, Assessment, Guidance, Impact evaluation, Reporting on project findings/outputs, Technical
  • Type of resource: Technical report
  • Download file (4 MB)
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Published in 2015