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Devolution in Kenya: Opportunities and Challenges for the Water Sector

Devolution in Kenya: Opportunities and Challenges for the Water Sector
  • World Bank Water and Sanitation Program (WSP). September 2013
  • Devolution, or the delegation of power by central government to local or regional administration, is by far the most significant initiative in governance that Kenya has undertaken since independence. Under the Constitution of Kenya (2010), devolution has wide-ranging implications for the water sector. The Constitution recognizes that access to safe and sufficient water is a basic human right. It also assigns responsibility for water supply and sanitation provision to 47 newly established counties. Effective implementation of the new devolved framework now requires the water sector to focus on the emerging opportunities and to address a number of challenges. This policy note targets the policy and advocacy audience at national government and county levels involved in the implementation of devolution under the new Constitution. The aim is to identify key transition issues, stimulate debate, and inform decision-making in the water and sanitation sector to achieve sustainable delivery of improved water services under the new dispensation.
  • Geographical coverage: Africa, Kenya
  • Main themes: Devolution, Legal aspects, Water governance, Water services
  • Main target audience: Decision makers, Governments, National administrations, Policy makers
  • Main purpose: Assessment, Guidance, Stimulate debate
  • Type of resource: Key messages, Policy briefing
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Published in 2015