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Thirsty Energy

Thirsty Energy
  • World Bank Water Partnership Program (WPP). June 2013
  • The interdependence between water and energy is growing in importance as demand for both water and energy increases. As almost all energy generation processes require significant amounts of water, and water requires energy for treatment and transport, these two resources are inextricably linked. This relationship is the energy-water nexus. Section one of this paper examines the existing models, literature, and management frameworks on the nexus, as it seeks to determine what gaps exist. Section two describes the water demands of power generation in order to identify potential areas of future uncertainty and delineate areas where integrated energy-water management may improve the reliability of operating power plants and the viability of schemes. Finally, section three describes possible solutions that may alleviate challenges resulting from the link between energy and water by improving energy efficiency and integrating water resources management into energy planning.
  • Geographical coverage: Europe, prueba
  • Main themes: Energy, Water demand, Water planning, Water security
  • Main target audience: Project managers, Project planners
  • Main purpose: Advocacy
  • Type of resource: Recommendations
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Published in 2015