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The Global Climate 2001-2010. A decade of climate extremes

The Global Climate 2001-2010. A decade of climate extremes
  • World Meteorological Organization (WMO). July 2013
  • This publication covers the first decade of the 21st century and aims at providing a decadal perspective of climate variability and change and its observed impacts on different sectors. The report is structured into in 6 chapters. The first chapter focuses on surface temperature at global, regional and national scales, including analysis of temperature anomalies and trends. Interdecadal and interregional comparative analysis was performed and depicted using maps, charts and tables. The second chapter deals with precipitation. Chapter 3 describes the main atmospheric and oceanic oscillations which triggered major observed climate variability patterns on seasonal-to-interannual timescales. Chapter 4 focuses on extreme events. Chapter 5 describes the connection between climate and atmosphere composition. Chapter 6 provides an analysis of the cryosphere and sea level.
  • Geographical coverage: Global
  • Main themes: Climate change, Disasters, Drought, Floods, Vulnerability
  • Main target audience: Decision makers, Governments, Hydrologists, Meteorological services, Policy makers, Scientists
  • Main purpose: Advocacy, Assessment
  • Type of resource: Assessment report, Case studies
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Published in 2015