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Actions to protect the public in an emergency due to severe conditions at a light water reactor

Actions to protect the public in an emergency due to severe conditions at a light water reactor
  • International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). May 2013
  • This publication is intended to provide an understanding of the actions necessary to protect the public for those responsible for making and for acting on decisions in the event of an emergency involving actual or projected severe damage to the fuel in the reactor core or spent fuel pool at a light water reactor (LWR) or spent fuel pool. It provides a basis for developing the tools and criteria at the preparedness stage that would be needed in taking protective actions and other actions in response to an emergency. It could also be of direct use in the response to an emergency. After an introduction to the concept of operations, the main sections of this publication are structured to flow in the logical sequence relating to an emergency, i.e. taking actions upon detection of severe conditions at the nuclear power plant based on the predetermined emergency classification system, to the actions to be taken based on monitoring where predetermined operational intervention levels are exceeded, through to communication with the public. At the end of this publication guidance is given relating to interim and full implementation of the emergency preparedness capability. The appendices provide supporting and background information. The protection of water resources is addressed in different chapters of the report.
  • Geographical coverage: Global
  • Main themes: Emergency situations
  • Main target audience: Decision makers
  • Main purpose: Guidance
  • Type of resource: Annual report, Assessment report, Guidelines, Lessons learned, Recommendations, Standards
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Published in 2015