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Syria's Children: A lost generation? Crisis report March 2011-March 2013

Syria's Children: A lost generation? Crisis report March 2011-March 2013
  • United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). March 2013
  • Two years into the conflict in Syria, children are paying the heaviest price. The affected population estimates made in late 2012 speak for themselves: of the 4 million affected people inside Syria, almost 2 million are children, and of the 2 million displaced, 800,000 are children. Basic infrastructure and public services are being systematically destroyed. Water availability is a third of what it was before the crisis. Children and women in shelters are more exposed to unsanitary conditions, including unsafe drinking water and a lack of water for personal hygiene, placing them at further risk of water-borne diseases. This document summarizes funding needs and UNICEF and partners response to date.
  • Geographical coverage: Asia, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey
  • Main themes: Children, Conflicts, Refugees, Vulnerability, Vulnerable groups
  • Main target audience: International community
  • Main purpose: Assessment
  • Type of resource: Crisis report, Facts and figures
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Published in 2015