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Second Environmental Performance Review of Albania

Second Environmental Performance Review of Albania
  • United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). November 2012
  • The second Environmental Performance Review (EPR) of Albania takes stock of the progress made by Albania in the management of its environment since the country was first reviewed in 2002. It assesses the implementation of the recommendations contained in the first review. This second EPR also covers 10 issues of importance to Albania related to policymaking framework for environmental protection and sustainable development compliance and enforcement mechanisms; monitoring, information, public participation and education; environmental international agreements and commitments and their implementation; economic instruments and expenditures for environmental protection; sustainable management of water resources; waste management; forestry, biodiversity and protected areas; energy and environment; and health and environment.
  • Geographical coverage: Europe
  • Main themes: Biodiversity, Climate change, Development cooperation, Economic instruments, Education, Environment, Financing, Legal aspects, Monitoring, Participation, Wastewater, Water management, Water policy, Water quality
  • Main target audience: Development agencies, Environmental practitioners, Governments, Land-use planners, Policy makers
  • Main purpose: Assessment
  • Type of resource: Assessment report, Recommendations
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Published in 2015