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Policy Brief: Securing the future of mangroves

Policy Brief: Securing the future of mangroves
  • United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH). October 2012
  • Mangroves are vital for food security and protection of coastal communities; they provide a wide diversity of forest products, nurseries for aquatic species, fishing grounds, carbon sequestration, and crucial natural coastal defences that mitigate the impact of erosion and storm action. The aim of this policy brief is to provide managers with lessons learned on the conservation and management of mangroves, and recommend policy measures that could be taken in order to protect them.
  • Geographical coverage: Asia, Global, Latin America and the Caribbean, Australia, Cuba, Japan, Kiribati, Mexico , Thailand
  • Main themes: Aquaculture, Community participation, Ecosystem services, Food security
  • Main target audience: Policy makers
  • Main purpose: Advocacy, Awareness raising
  • Type of resource: Key messages, Lessons learned, Policy briefing, Recommendations
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Published in 2015