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Safe drinking-water from desalination

Safe drinking-water from desalination
  • World Health Organization (WHO). April 2011
  • This document aims to highlight the principal health risks related to different desalination processes and provide guidance on appropriate risk assessment and risk management procedures in order to ensure the safety of desalinated drinking-water. The document introduces the concept of water safety plans (WSPs) for desalination systems, provides an overview of potential hazards in source water and describes microbial and chemical risks and other key issues associated with treatment, remineralization, storage and distribution. The document will be of use to health authorities, water quality regulators, operators of desalination plants and others interested in water quality and health issues.
  • Main themes: Desalination, Drinking water, Health, Microbiology, Water quality, Water safety plans (WSPs), Water treatment
  • Main target audience: Health professionals, Project planners, Water operators
  • Main purpose: Awareness raising, Guidance
  • Type of resource: Guidelines
  • Download file (543.8 KB)
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Published in 2015