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Aquaculture farmer organizations and cluster management. Concepts and Experiences

Aquaculture farmer organizations and cluster management. Concepts and Experiences
  • Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). November 2011
  • Small-scale producers are facing new opportunities and challenges in today's markets. This review provides an overview of an approach to assist small-scale farmers to overcome these challenges and effectively participate in and influence modern market chains and trade. This review focuses specifically on the development of small-scale aquaculture farmer organizations, drawing on experience from both agriculture and aquaculture sector farmer organizations. The purpose is to provide strategic guidance for public and private stakeholders involved in supporting small-scale aquaculture farmer organizations in developing countries. The objectives of the review are to help these actors gain a better understanding of: (1) how to assist small-scale aquaculture farmers in connecting to input suppliers and buyers of their products, including identifying market niches and providing market information and particularly addressing issues related to improving their compliance to food-safety-related international trading standards; (2) how to improve small farmers' access to technical knowledge, financial and technical services, particularly towards improving bio-security and decreasing disease risks; (3) how to apply the existing cluster management and farmer society concepts to aquaculture development in Africa and Asia, enabling increased access to input and output markets and services, and increased influence over government to create national policies which are conducive to the small-scale aquaculture sector; (4) how to develop private and public institutions that deliver services to the small-scale sector; and (5) how to develop responsive government policies that are focused towards support of the small-scale sector.
  • Geographical coverage: Global
  • Main themes: Aquaculture, Small-scale providers, Water governance, Water management
  • Main target audience: Agriculture sector, Stakeholders
  • Main purpose: Guidance
  • Type of resource: Technical report
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Published in 2015