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Scaling Up Handwashing Behaviour: Findings from the Impact Evaluation Baseline Survey in Senegal

Scaling Up Handwashing Behaviour: Findings from the Impact Evaluation Baseline Survey in Senegal
  • World Bank Water and Sanitation Program (WSP). June 2011
  • This impact evaluation study utilizes a series of data collection activities to measure the impacts of the WSP Global Scaling Up Handwashing intervention, including baseline and post-intervention household and community surveys and longitudinal monitoring of diarrhea prevalence. In Senegal, the baseline survey, conducted between June and August 2009, collected information from a representative sample of the target population living in four regions. The survey comprised a total of 110 clusters and 1,600 households within 88 communes and rural communities. The survey results offer data on the characteristics of household members, access to water, sanitation and handwashing facilities, handwashing behavior, prevalence of child diseases such as diarrhea and respiratory infection, child growth and development, anemia and parasites prevalence. In addition, community questionnaires were conducted with key informants at the village level in all sample locations to gather information on community access to transportation; commerce; health and education facilities; and other relevant infrastructure; contemporaneous health and development interventions; and environmental and health shocks. The main findings of the Impact Evaluation baseline survey in Senegal are presented here.
  • Geographical coverage: Africa, Senegal
  • Main themes: Behaviour change, Children, Communication, Community management, Disease, Hygiene, Information and data, Practices and habits , Sanitation, Water supply
  • Main target audience: Advocacy campaigns coordinators, Community project officers, Project managers
  • Main purpose: Impact evaluation, Reporting on project findings/outputs
  • Type of resource: Case studies, Performance report, Survey results, Technical report
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Published in 2015