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Climate change, water and food security

Climate change, water and food security
  • Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). June 2011
  • This report summarizes current knowledge of the anticipated impacts of climate change on water availability for agriculture. The implications for local and national food security are examined; and the methods and approaches to assess climate change impacts on water and agriculture are discussed. The report emphasizes the need for a closer alignment between water and agricultural policies and makes the case for immediate implementation of 'no-regrets' strategies which have both positive development outcomes and make agricultural systems resilient to future impacts. The conclusion focuses on action needed to assist countries, in particular developing countries, in assessing probable climate change impacts on irrigated agriculture and on food production, and in adapting agricultural water management to cope with the range and depths of anticipated impacts.
  • Geographical coverage: Africa, Global, Oceania, Australia, Morocco , Murray-Darling River Basin
  • Main themes: Adaptation, Agriculture, Climate change, Environment, Food security, Irrigation, Mitigation, Water allocation, Water availability, Water demand, Water management, Water policy, Water supply
  • Main target audience: Agriculture sector, Governments, Land-use planners, Policy makers, Water managers
  • Main purpose: Guidance
  • Type of resource: Assessment report
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Published in 2015