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Ecosystems for Water and Food Security. Background document

Ecosystems for Water and Food Security. Background document
  • International Water Management Institute (IWMI), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). 2011
  • The purpose of this document is to show how sustainable ecosystems, explicitly agroecosystems, are essential for water management and food production. This document provides background evidence illustrating the 3-way interdependence between ecosystems, water and food security, demonstrating how ecosystem management can be improved to ensure water availability and to avoid future food crises. It focuses primarily on how to achieve sustainable food production from a biophysical perspective and does not address per se the key social and institutional issues related with food security. Several of those are however highlighted throughout the text in order to remind the reader that these remain a critical component to ensure food security for the poor and socially-disadvantaged groups. The document is structured to show the relationships between ecosystems, water, and food. It starts with chapters on food security (2), ecosystems (3) and water (4) that each provides more insight into the reasons why an integrated ecosystem approach is required and what this should entail. The synthesis chapter (5) then explains how agroecosystems provide water and other services for food security. The target group of this publication consists of high and mid-level professional staff in Ministries of Environment and other relevant government and inter-governmental bodies, as well as other professionals in other institutions e.g. NGOs, bilateral organizations, and UN Agencies.
  • Geographical coverage: Global
  • Main themes: Agriculture, Ecosystem services, Ecosystems, Food security, Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), Water management
  • Main target audience: Development agencies, Environmental practitioners, Ministries, Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Policy makers
  • Main purpose: Awareness raising
  • Type of resource: Background document
  • Download file (7.8 MB)
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Published in 2015