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World Livestock 2011. Livestock in food security

World Livestock 2011. Livestock in food security
  • Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). December 2011
  • Feeding the world's poor is one of the most pressing challenges of the present day, as human populations grow and put increasing strain on natural resources. This report expands the 2009 State of Food and Agriculture (FAO 2009) and tells the story of livestock and food security from three perspectives. The first section of the report presents a global overview, examining the role that livestock play in various dimensions of food security. It describes the place of livestock products in human nutrition, the contribution of livestock to the world food supply and its stability, and it discusses the way that livestock can affect food access, particularly for poor families, as a direct source of food and a source of income. The second section shifts from the global level to a human perspective, examining the way in which livestock contributes to the food security of three different human populations - livestock-dependent pastoralists and ranchers, small-scale mixed farmers and urban dwellers. The chapters briefly describe the main issues each population faces and then introduce related case studies to examine certain points in more practical detail. The final part of the report looks to the future. It discusses the expected demand for livestock source food and the way that increased demand can be met with ever more limited resources. It reviews the drivers that led to the livestock revolution, how these have changed and what the implications will be for livestock contributing to food security. The issues of water availability, water supply, sanitation and livestock being closely interlinked are addressed by the report.
  • Geographical coverage: Global
  • Main themes: Agriculture, Food security, Livestock, Poverty, Sanitation, Water supply
  • Main target audience:
  • Main purpose: Assessment, Guidance
  • Type of resource: Case studies, Global report
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Published in 2015