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Mountain Forests in a Changing World. Realizing values, addressing challenges.

Mountain Forests in a Changing World. Realizing values, addressing challenges.
  • Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). December 2011
  • This publication is intended to raise awareness of the global importance and the need for sustainable management of mountain forests. Chapter 2 focuses on these valuable ecosystems and on their role and influence in both the quantity and quality of water supplies. Four specific cases are analyzed, including the following: - The forests of the Catskill Mountains, USA: Watershed for a megalopolis; - Ensuring the provision of environmental services from Selva de Florencia Natural National Park, Colombia; - Popa Mountain Park: An oasis on the dry plans of Myanmar; - The proposed Mavavi Area for Protection of Flora and Fauna, Sonora, Mexico.
  • Geographical coverage: Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Northern America, Colombia, Mexico , Myanmar , United States of America
  • Main themes: Biodiversity, Climate change, Ecosystem services, Ecosystems, Environment, Forests, Mountains, Sustainable development, Water quality
  • Main target audience: Community, Community leaders, Community project officers, Environmental practitioners, Policy makers, Project planners, Scientists, Stakeholders
  • Main purpose: Advocacy, Awareness raising
  • Type of resource: Case studies, Recommendations
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Published in 2015