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Grow in Concert with Nature. Sustaining East Asia's Water Resources through Green Water Defense

Grow in Concert with Nature. Sustaining East Asia's Water Resources through Green Water Defense
  • World Bank Water Partnership Program (WPP). June 2012
  • This study assesses advances in management practices, institutional and technological innovations for managing water scarcity sustainably under a changing climate. The report has the following specific objectives, reflected in the structure of the report: 1) To provide a brief overview of the status of water resources in East Asia, including the diversity of climates, the extent of physical water scarcity and potential changing climate impacts; 2) To summarize major management measures being implemented in selected countries where water is, or has the potential to become scarce, and how they fit in the green water defense concept; 3) To document key lessons learned from best practices in managing scarce water resources from experiences in the country case studies; and 4) To provide a roadmap for East Asian countries to apply the GWD approach in addressing water scarcity issues and improving water security.
  • Geographical coverage: Asia, Europe, Middle-East, Oceania, Australia, China, Israel, Spain, Murray-Darling River Basin, Yellow River Basin, Sidney, Victoria
  • Main themes: Climate change, Green economy, Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), Irrigation, River Basin Management, State of water resources, Sustainable development, Water governance, Water management, Water scarcity, Water security
  • Main target audience: Governments, Policy makers, Project managers, Project planners, Water managers
  • Main purpose: Guidance
  • Type of resource: Case studies, Good practices, Recommendations, Research study
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Published in 2015