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From Rio to Rio. A 20-year Journey to Green the World's Economies

From Rio to Rio. A 20-year Journey to Green the World's Economies
  • Global Environmental Facility (GEF). June 2012
  • This book provides a succinct narrative and analysis of the 20 year history of GEF projects. While the Rio +20 conference provided the initial rationale for the book, it is intended to have lasting value for anyone interested in issues about the green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication, or about the institutional framework for sustainable development. The book also draws on the tangible experience of GEF projects in the field and offers compelling and pertinent stories that demonstrate the GEF's accomplishments, evolution, and future challenges. It consists of an analysis of 20 select projects that illustrate the key lessons emerging from the 20 years of work by the GEF, plus an introductory overview and conclusion. Analysed water-related projects include, among others, the Congo Basin, the Danube Basin and the Bagmati River.
  • Geographical coverage: Africa, Asia, Europe, Global, Latin America and the Caribbean, Oceania, Angola, Argentina, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brazil, China, Gabon, Indonesia, Malaysia, Moldova (Republic of), Namibia, Nepal, Niger, Poland, South Africa, Bagmati River Basin, Congo/Zaire River Basin, Danube River Basin
  • Main themes: Biodiversity, Community participation, Ecosystems, Energy, Financing, Forests, Green economy, Investments, Sustainable development, Transboundary waters
  • Main target audience: Development agencies, Environmental practitioners, Financial community, International community, Project managers
  • Main purpose: Advocacy
  • Type of resource: Case studies, Performance report
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Published in 2015