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Water and the Rural Poor - Interventions for improving livelihoods in Asia

Water and the Rural Poor - Interventions for improving livelihoods in Asia
  • Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). November 2014
  • This study aims to understand the water and poverty linkages in rural Asia in order to provide guidance for policies and investments in innovative water interventions and to mobilize government and civil society support. Through mapping the links between poverty and water, this study contributes to identifying those rural households that will benefit most from water interventions and those where water interventions will not have significant impacts on poverty levels. Chapter 2 presents the overall trends and transformations in water, poverty and agriculture in Asia. Chapter 3 maps poverty, water and agriculture and develops water and poverty linkages based on demand and supply perspectives. The possible water interventions, their likely impacts in different livelihood systems and for different groups of farmers, and the necessary enabling environments for such interventions to succeed are presented in chapter 4. The report concludes in chapter 5 by examining options beyond water and agriculture.
  • Geographical coverage: Asia
  • Main themes: Agriculture, Aquaculture, Children, Climate change, Community management, Gender, Groundwater, Investments, Irrigation, Livelihoods, Livestock, Poverty, Rural areas, Sustainable development, Vulnerability, Water demand, Water management, Water supply
  • Main target audience: Civil society, Financial community, Governments, Policy makers
  • Main purpose: Assessment, Awareness raising, Reporting on project findings/outputs
  • Type of resource: Assessment report
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Published in 2015