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Second joint meeting of experts on targets and indicators for health and well-being in Health 2020

Second joint meeting of experts on targets and indicators for health and well-being in Health 2020
  • World Health Organization (WHO). April 2014
  • "The overall purpose of this meeting was to support the new European policy for health 'Health 2020'. The expert meeting discussed options for domains and indicators for objective well-being in Health 2020, as well as the theoretical and practical constraints affecting choices of indicators. In addition to the well-established requirements for indicators (face and construct validity, for example), a core requirement was that indicators should have reasonable availability across the 53 Member States in the WHO European Region. In practice, this proved to be a key limitation guiding the final recommendations of the expert group. Taking these and other issues into account, the expert meeting finally recommended that objective well-being be assessed across four domains: social connections/relationships, economic security/income, natural and built environment, and education. Two new core indicators for these domains were here recommended: availability of social support for the domain of social connections/relationships; and percentage of the population with improved sanitation facilities for the domain of natural and built environment."
  • Geographical coverage: Europe, Italy
  • Main themes: Education, Environment, Health, Information and data, Livelihoods, Sanitation, Sustainable development
  • Main target audience: Governments, International community, International organizations, Policy makers
  • Main purpose: Awareness raising, Communication, Reporting on project findings/outputs
  • Type of resource: Briefing note, Case studies, Proceedings, Recommendations
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Published in 2015