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About the UN Documentation Centre on Water and Sanitation

Strengthening implementation capacities of stakeholders at all levels in order to achieve time-bound goals, targets and actions agreed by the international community in the water and sanitation fields requires easy access to high-quality, understandable, reliable, relevant and timely information. A tremendous amount of valuable water and sanitation related information is generated every year by different agencies, programmes and initiatives of the United Nations system. Unfortunately this information is scattered, making it difficult for stakeholders to access relevant information on time in order to make informed decisions. Often, stakeholders are not familiar with the mandate of each agency, its main areas of competence and specific focus.

Developed by the UN-Water Decade Programme on Advocacy and Communication (UNW-DPAC) with the support of the Municipality of Zaragoza, Spain, the UN Documentation Centre on Water and Sanitation (UNDCWS) acts as a clearinghouse on water and sanitation-related information materials produced by the United Nations system (programmes, agencies, etc.).

The UNDCWS facilitates search, increases dissemination and improves visibility of UN information materials on water and sanitation by facilitating online and off-line access to these materials. In order to do so, the UNDCWS project builds on three main components:

  1. A network of twin libraries and documentation centres, where you can find these publications in hardcopy;
  2. An online repository, which you are visiting;
  3. A UN information working group.
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Published in 2015