Zaragoza Cultural

Culture Observatory


What is it?

The goal of Zaragoza Observatory is to facilitate and guide the design of cultural policies as well as boost the cultural development of the city. The Observatory is a tool for the analysis of the cultural variables of Zaragoza, as starting point for decision-making by the administration. It is also a public service to make the work of the cultural stakeholders easier, given a better answer to the needs of the citizens. Within the framework of Zaragoza's bid to be European Capital of Culture 2016, this new body will provide local cultural policies with European dimension through the exchange of information among countries.

Which work does he do?

These are the goals of the Observatory:

  • Identify and detect cultural activities, as starting point for decision-making. The Observatory is s support tool for orienting the cultural policies, contributing to the drawing of Zaragoza Strategic Plan for Culture.
  • Organize and systematize the sources of information. Elaborate indicators to evaluate changes in the cultural activities.
  • Create and update the directories to promote relationship between institutions, associations and companies of the cultural field, approaching the citizen to these entities.
  • Provide tools for the work of culture professionals, contributing to the creation of jobs and the development of the cultural sector of the city.
  • Boost the participation of citizens in the cultural field.
  • Collect creative and innovative initiatives in the city, in Europe, and also internationally, giving a European scale to the local cultural policies, and facilitating the exchange of information with other countries.

For who?

Zaragoza Observatory is a public service which works for the Administration, professionals and citizens in general. Its goal is to facilitate decision-making in the Municipal Administration; help and guide the implementation of cultural works by professionals, and inform and contribute to the participation of the citizens.