Ruiseñores Promenade, Pignatelli Park and the Fountain of the Caldrons

From Primo de Rivera Park, we arrive at Ruiseñores Promenade, going along the Canal and Colón Promenades. Ruiseñores Promenade is a calm street, urbanized at the end of the 19th century, in which several small hotels were built for the industrial and business bourgeoisie of Zaragoza. Only a few of these Modernist houses -surrounded by private gardens and with ornamental fountains- remain. These residences shared the same space with the first modern buildings made in a rationalist style, built by Regino and José Borobio Brothers.

At the end of this friendly street is Pignatelli Park. This green area was planned by the City of Zaragoza in the 20s, between the old water tanks (today restored as exhibition area) and Cuellar Promenade. Its small prairies and areas with trees are arranged around longitudinal axes. At the end of the main one, we find the Statue of Ramón de Pignatelli (1858-1856), masterpiece of Antonio Palao, erected as a deserved homage to this figure in the 150 anniversary of the construction of the Canal, since it would have been impossible its construction without the determination of this Aragonese clergyman. At first, the statue, put on a square base, was placed at the small Aragón Square until 1904 when it was replaced by the work of the Justicia, being moved to the so-called Siglo XX Avenue. The statue is made in a Realist and Academic style and was inspired by a portrait of Francisco de Goya.

Not very far, between Cuellar Promenade and José Pellicer Street, there is a small square used as meeting point for citizens and adorned with the Fountain of the Caldrons (1989) by Rafael Barnola. The work is composed of nine caldrons hanged by iron hooks, from which water falls to a rectangular stone basin. It is a tribute to popular culture by using recycled materials such as caldrons used for killing pigs. But this work imitates also the aesthetics of the Italian "arte póvera" and of other renovating movements from the 1970s. The square is also a small leisure area in a city such as Zaragoza with a dense traffic and scarce zones for leisure.