Old Town Squares >> San Bruno Square

If we walk to the east next to the so-called Parroquieta Wall, we find San Bruno Square, remodelled in February 1990 by the architects Heliodoro Dols Morell and Fernando Torra Puigdellivol. The remodelling forced to make the whole pedestrianization, opening a new street to link Arcedianos, Sepulcro and Echegaray y Caballero streets, and detouring road traffic. First of all, 152 homes were planned to be built. The square is rectangular -in a certain way as the old one. The buildings on the ground floor are broken by arcades, which get a trapezoidal-shape in height, due to the chamfered corner. Sepulcro Street turns itself to go towards the La Seo mudejar wall, and perpendicular to it we find a pedestrianized way opened to link Echegaray y Caballero to the Deán Arch. Two groups of palm trees and benches (made in Calatorao stone), placed next to the Archbishop Palace, and the sculpture Torso Vectra, by Berrocal, placed at the entrance to the Deán Arch, frame the square. The street lamps were designed with three main parts: shaft, lamp and crown. The two last elements are joined together upside-down to form the street-lamps without shaft put on the wall.